SolvisRemote – your remote when home and away

Want to control your heating system from your sofa? Or when travelling? SolvisRemote makes it possible.

The SolvisRemote remote connects the SolvisMax to your home network or the internet. The heating system is easy and safe to operate from your PC, tablet or smartphone. At any time. From anywhere.

More home comforts for you: think you may be home earlier than planned today? When you’re out, simply use the SolvisRemote to fire up your heating system just before your trip back. Instant warmth when you get home.

So simple:
The SolvisRemote is simply connected to the SolvisControl 2 cental controller using the supplied network cable. You can also connect it to your router using a network cable or, if you cannot connect it directly, a power line adapter.

The SolvisRemote can be connected with your network using the PC configuration tool. You can access the remote from practically any end device and web browser without installing any additional programs.

Operate your SolvisMax from your smartphone and check the status of your system at any time anywhere.