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the SolvisMax has scooped up every award going. With it, you own an energy-saving award winner and the leader in price-performance comparisons. Trust the opinion of independent energy experts.

SolvisMax awards

10 good reasons to choose SolvisMax

Here it is in black and white

  1. More money: You are proven to save up to 50 percent on energy costs.
  2. More independence: You do not rely on fossil fuels alone.
  3. More options: You can switch or add energy sources at any time thanks to the retrofittable modular system.
  4. The many testimonials: You can rely on thousands of references and proven examples of energy savings.
  5. Real seal of approval: You’ve chosen the award-winner.
  6. Increasing value: You are increasing the value of your property.
  7. Unique long-term warranty: You get a five-year Solvis warranty on the SolvisMax components, and a ten-year functional warranty on collectors, storage tanks and combustion chambers.
  8. Experts in the field: Solvis exclusively partners with technicians who have proven themselves as experienced energy saving experts.
  9. Thinking green: You are doing something good for the environment and the future generations.
  10. Simple logic: With the SolvisMax, you are choosing the most cost-efficient solution for the long term.