The Sun

Photovoltaic solar electricity potential in Europe The global oil consumption rate essentially exceeds the oil replenishment rate. Amount of oil consumed in one year equals to amount of oil formed over two million years. There is a lot of debates on when exactly peak oil will happen, but it is clear as a day that we are running out of oil and should rely on other energy sources. Due to this reason solar energy technologies are under active development nowadays – because the Sun is the most abundant energy source available.

The Earth surface absorbs more energy from solar radiation (3.0 x 1024 J) than the humanity consumes in one year (4.0 x 1020 J). The Sun is the richest energy source that we can use. Solar energy can be used to produce heat and electricity, it does not have any recycling side products and does not produce any impact on the climate balance. Moreover, the light does not have any weight and does not produce any noise. By relying on solar energy you can essentially reduce your bills and, which is also important – make your own contribution to environment protection and sustainable development. The necessity to develop solar energy sector is so crucial that according to the European Commission’s industry regulation all the houses built after the 31rd of December 2018 must be equipped with PV panels, thermal collectors or other alternative energy systems.