The Modular Heating System for all Energy Sources: SolvisMax

We present a product of the Solvis company (Germany), the universal heating system SolvisMax 7. It can combine versatile energy sources – from pellets to the sun.

SolvisMax 7

The Solvis Company’s history can be quickly told so: In the early ´80s, just after the first oil crisis had been overcome, and the anti nuclear campaign movement had reached its peak, a highly motivated team of German engineers with a marked tendency towards perfection came together – to be at the frontier of energy efficiency.

Even back then, every child knew that the sun was our planet’s biggest source of energy. So we took a closer look to the standard Solar Systems on the market and the results astonished the experts. In 1988, we produced our first thermal collector panels – with a unique coating and significantly higher performance. After that, one innovation followed another, and the patents stacked up. Solvis products advanced to become energy-efficient champions and brought home one environmental prize after the other. A really simple thought made this leap to Solvis’s current technological level possible:

Houses will be heated with water, not with oil or gas.

That means that the hot water tank is really the heart of a central heating system. We asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Is a separate boiler really necessary?
  • Is it more efficient to heat the water in the tank directly?
  • Is it possible to use the physical properties of hot and cold water more effectively?
  • Can one compact and upgradeable system combine a heating unit that uses oil, gas, wood and solar energy all in one?

These considerations resulted in an ultimate solution – a modular heating system. You can choose a single module and complete the system later. Of course, you can also install the full hybrid system and easily retrofit it later, if needed. The multi-layer storage tank ensures unprecedented economy. We guarantee that you will not find a better solution.