The Modular Heating System for all Energy Sources
SolvisMax the All-Rounder

Modular Heating System for all Energy Sources SolvisMax 7

Individually, combined, or in full: You only buy what you actually need

SolvisMax is a modular system that can be retrofitted.
You buy what you need.
And you can add to it at any time.

The SolvisMax is available in four stages. As a boiler for oil, gas, electricity or district heating. As a solar storage tank or water heater that can be fitted to the integrated heating system. Or as a complete hybrid heating system for gas, oil, wood, air, thermal or district heating – with the appropriate Solvis collectors. This lets the SolvisMax provide you with so many possibilities: Is your existing boiler still providing you with excellent performance? Then optimise your heating with the SolvisMax stratified storage tank and solar collectors. Are you looking for the best boiler? Then the SolvisMax gas or oil condensing system is the ideal solution. You want to achieve maximum energy savings with your new heating system? Then choose our top design level – the complete heating system including a solar system – and up to 50 percent lower heating costs. With SolvisMax, you can just get the benefits that you actually need. It doesn’t get any more flexible: You can retrofit whenever you want. It lets you save a lot of money.

SolvisMax Pur
SolvisMax Pur as a replacement system for oil and gas, solar collectors can be retrofitted later.
SolvisMax Futur
SolvisMax Futur as a supplementary solar storage tank, heating module can be retrofitted later.
SolvsiMax as a complete heating system with solar collectors.

With SolvisMax, you can always switch to the right energy

SolvisMax gives you the security to invest in the best heating technology. Because you can make a decision that will still be the right one in 20 years time.

Want to switch from oil to gas? Or power your heating with pellets or a heating pump? Do you want to use the heat from your fireplace? Or use solar energy? SolvisMax works with any energy source – with or without the help of the sun.
With SolvisMax, you can make all the right choices: for the here and now – and also for the future. Are the costs for your energy carriers fluctuating? Even after a number of years, SolvisMax can be converted into a new boiler – simply by switching the heating module. It makes SolvisMax way ahead of its time.
With more than 25 years of success on the market, Solvis offers you a unique long-term warranty: 5-year functional warranty on SolvisMax components and 10 years for collectors, storage tanks and combustion chambers.
Sit back and enjoy the warmth. With the great feeling of having made a great choice for today and tomorrow.

So very clever: how the stratified storage tank uses the power of physics

The stratified storage tank is the heart of the SolvisMax. To ramp it up, we came up with something special – the patented triple stratified storage tank.

The triple stratified storage tank utilizes the physical properties of the warm and cold water. The cooled heating water flows into the lower layer of the storage tank, is warmed again and then rises upwards. It accumulates in the middle layer – with the ideal flow temperature for heating. The water only gets really hot in the upper layer. Thanks to the hot water, heating and solar buffer, three storage functions are available at the same time.

In the upper layer of the stratified storage tank, the heat exchanger is connected. Here, the hot storage tank water flows through the fresh drinking and heats it – to an exact specified quantity and temperature. When you turn on the tap, you get a constant flow of freshly heated water from the pipes – for a great feeling when washing and bathing.

The SolvisMax combines heating and hot water in a single device. This lets it save up to 50 percent in energy costs and a massive amount of space. It comes with one user friendly controller for the entire system.

The benefit to you: the SolvisMax is really easy to fit in your home. And, of course, to retrofit. As a result, the most economical boiler can quickly and easily become the best solar heating system on the market. When you choose SolvisMax, you choose the best hybrid heating system around.

Solvis Patent
Incidentally: Any attempts to copy this perfectly functioning system are blocked by the Europe wide patent number EP 0895109.

A look inside

SolvisMax a look inside
  1. Solvis solar collectors
  2. Tank insulation
  3. Solar flow, primary
  4. Solar return, primary
  5. Exhaust connection
  6. Combustion chamber
  7. Solar stratified charger
  8. Burner
  1. SolvisControl system controller
  2. Combined stratified charger
  3. Bleeding
  4. Hot water station
  5. Solar transfer station
  6. Filling/emptying valve
  7. Heating flow
  8. Heating return
  1. Fresh water, cold
  2. Fresh water, warm
  3. Tap
  4. Heating
  5. Warm water station, flow
  6. Solar flow, secondary
  7. Warm water station, return
  8. Solar return, secondary

SolvisMax: Technical data

Rated volume 450 l 750 l 950 l
Total height without insulation 1648 1724 2114
Total height without insulation with adjustable feet 1683 1759 2149
Total height with insulation and adjustable feet 1802 1922 2330
Diameter without insulation 650 790 790
Diameter with insulation 870 1020 1020
Storage tank tilt height 1678 1762 2137

All dimension specifications is in mm. For storage tank of each size you must also provide 500 mm of free space horizontally to a console with pump solar circuit and hot water station.

Values for all sizes

SolvisMax Gas (SX) SolvisMax Öl (SÖ BW) SolvisMax Teo* SolvisMax Vaero*
Rated heat output Either 5 – 15 kW,
or 5 – 20 kW,
or 7 – 25 kW,
or 8 – 30 kW
Either 10 – 17 kW,
or 14 – 23 kW,
or 20 – 28 kW
Either 10 kW,
or 16 kW
Either 8 kW,
or 11 kW,
or 15 kW
Standard efficiency coefficient 109,2% (5 – 15 kW)
109,1% (5 – 20 kW)
108,8% (7 – 25 kW)
108% (8 – 30 kW)
104,6% (10 – 17 kW)
104,1% (14 – 23 kW)
103,1% (20 – 28 kW)
COP: 4,37**
Operating limits:
For brine 5 °/+25 °C
For heating +15 °/+60 °C
COP: 4,60**
Operating limits:
For air -20 °/+40 °C
For heating +15 °/+60 °C
Standard emissions factor NOx 18,7 mg/kWh,
CO 0,9 mg/kWh (for 5 – 15 kW)
NOx 60 mg/kWh, CO 3 mg/kWh (for 10 – 17 kW)

* SolvisMax Teo and SolvisMax Vaero are offered with a rated volume of 750 l or 950 l only.
** Output data according to EN 14511 (Teo: B0/W35, Vaero: A10/W35).