Free heat – with our solar collectors and the power of the sun

Whichever design you choose: SolvisMax reduces your energy costs regardless. You can achieve maximum savings by combining the system with a solar system on the roof.

When the sun is shining, we’re all happy. We can really feel how light and heat can fill our bodies with new energy. Our high-performance collectors also use the power of the sun – for hot water, heating or both. Even the energy needs of your dishwasher and washing machine can be reduced with solar-heated water.

SolvisFera solar collectors
SolvisFera large-surface collector
The classic that gave Solvis its excellent reputation. The large-surface design save on installation costs and makes the SolvisFera extremely powerful and versatile.
SolvisCala solar collectors
SolvisCala compact solar panel
Small and compact. Turns even the most angular of roofs into sun catchers. At 2.17×1.17 m, it even fits between dormer windows.
SolvisLuna solar collectors
SolvisLuna evacuated tube collector
Magically attracts even the smallest sunrays (not to mention admiring glances). This added performance means you are always on the sunny side of the street.

Flat-plate collectors SolvisFera and SolvisCala

Flat-plate collectors
SolvisFera and SolvisCala

When our flat-plate collectors catch the sun’s rays, the absorber plate heats up. It is made from durable aluminium with a highly selective coating – evenly vaporized and good for the environment. Copper piping that conducts the heat is welded below the absorber. The laser-welded connection ensures the optimum heat transfer and provides ten percent more power.

Highly transparent, specially hardened solar glass with an anti-reflective coating increases the power capabilities even more. It lets extra sunlight through and is extremely durable. This special surface treatment increases light transmission. These features ensure that the solar collector performs optimally, looks great and lasts practically forever.

SolvisLuna evacuated tube collector

evacuated tube collector

The same thing that keeps your tea warm is also good for solar energy. A sophisticated system of mirrors deflects the sunrays into an evacuated tube, where the rays can transfer all of their energy. Like in a thermos, practically no heat is lost. This is especially recommended if the roof of your house does not face south.

Technical data

SolvisFera F 553 SolvisFera F 653 SolvisFera F 803 SolvisCala C 254 SolvisLuna LU 233
Collector length 3793 4735 5677 2174 2025
Collector width 1480 1480 1480 1174 1165
Collector surface area (gross) 5,61 m2 7,01 m2 8,40 m2 2,55 m2 2,36 m2
Opening surface area according to EN 12975 5,16 m2 6,45 m2 7,74 m2 2,40 m2 1,93 m2
Absorber type Aluminium with mirotherm® coating Sydney tubes
Anti reflective glass Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transmission of anti reflective glass >0,95 >0,95 >0,95 >0,95
CE mark of conformity
Solar Keymark certificate 011 7S1750 F 011 7S2503 F 011 7S2504 R

All dimension specifications are in mm.