Solar Energy Solutions for Campers and Mobile Homes

Most part of modern campers or mobile homes use 12 volt or 24 volt accumulator systems. These systems are charged from the vehicle’s generator while the engine is functioning or using 220 volt accumulator charger, which charges it by connecting to the power supply network.

However, it is widely known that during traveling difficulties may arise, as 220V current access spots are not available and it is impossible to charge the accumulator without access to electricity if the vehicle’s engine does not work. It means that in order to operate electrical devices, first of all you need to charge the accumulator by using the access to power supply network or by operating the vehicle’s engine.

Solar panels are an excellent way to keep your accumulators charged enjoying the sun, peace and relaxation. Solar modules are quiet even when working, they do not cause smell, their depreciation lasts 20-30 years or more, no maintenance is needed and nowadays they can be bought at very reasonable prices.

Solar panels on the campres
Solar panel on the mobile home

We offer both 12 volt and 24 volt (nominal power) solar panels, calculate the solar batteries system individually for you and offer their assembly. To satisfy wishes of every single customer, we offer solar panels of various shapes and dimensions to install them for vehicles of different sizes and for different installation areas.