Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar Thermal Collectors

While PV panels transform solar energy into electricity, solar thermal collectors absorb solar warmth and transfer it for heating. In general, such systems are simpler than photovoltaics, and their technical potential is more developed – while solar cell panels rarely overcome efficiency of 25%, solar collectors may well reach 85%, and in general are more reasonable to install.

The main components of a solar thermal system are collector panels, heat exchange tank and control equipment. This solution can be perfectly fitted to a private house, summer house or any other building or industrial facility.

The two main types of thermal collectors are flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. The latter are more expensive and more efficient than the former, and have been used all over Europe for two decades. Many customers choose evacuated tube collectors due to their higher efficiency, especially in the cold season. At the same time we should note that flat plate design is simpler and therefore more reliable for exploitation in Northern Europe, where the weather may be harsh.

Good reasons to install solar thermal collectors in Northern Europe

  • you want to reduce hot water bills in a cold season significantly and to forget about them in a warm season;
  • independence from the growing prices on standard heating;
  • necessity to heat water in a swimming pool;
  • operation of technological processes that require water supply with a definite temperature regime (for example, brewery);
  • willingness to contribute to environment protection and green technology advances.